Pure CSS Rollover Menu

Pure CSS Menu – light, fast, easy to make, SEO Friendly This is my favorite technique for making CSS rollover menus. Its a combination of image replacement technique, and pure CSS list menus. There is no javascript, and beneath it is valid XHTML code, so you don’t need to worry about SEO performance If your […]

Dell And Now Linux

This is certainly great news. Dell starts shipping Linux as an alternative to Windows, which has so far been the only choice for Dell machines (except for servers and Precision working page). So far in the game 3 distribution Ubuntu, Fedora, and openSUSE – more or less expected. Otherwise, the whole thing began with the […]

CSS Rollover Menu

CSS Menu – a small, fast, easy for IT capacity, good for SEO This is my favorite technique of making CSS menu. And the principle of it is a combination of a couple of CSS techniques (image replacement, css list menus ..). It proved quite ok technique, absolutely the same is shown in FF, IE […]

Draganov blog

redesign I hope you like it. Anyway, smorila me so she passed the green theme, um, this is actually a modified theme I’ve ever seen on x sites on the net. I quickly crippled CSS and decided to go with this minimalist version. I hope it is now a little more pleasant to read IBM […]

Green Technologies Blog

Just how much solar energy do we use? First, lets learn a thing or two. The good thing to start with is defining what exactly Photovoltaic means. Wikipedia says: Photovoltaics (PV) is the field of technology and research related to the application of solar cells for energy by converting sunlight directly into electricity. Due to […]


Now, this is tricky part 🙂 Basicly you should add your images, minding naming rules <div id=”img-holder”> <div class=”gallery-item”> <img src=”/web/20110325073247im_/http://dragan.yourtree.org/projects/canvas-gallery/001_s.jpg” id=”img001″/> <canvas width=”77″ height=”77″ id=”canvas001″/> </div> <div class=”gallery-item”> <img src=”/web/20110325073247im_/http://dragan.yourtree.org/projects/canvas-gallery/002_s.jpg” id=”img002″/> <canvas width=”77″ height=”77″ id=”canvas002″/> </div> <div class=”gallery-item”> <img src=”/web/20110325073247im_/http://dragan.yourtree.org/projects/canvas-gallery/003_s.jpg” id=”img003″/> <canvas width=”77″ height=”77″ id=”canvas003″/> </div> So, first image thumb is 001_s.jpg and larger […]

MyTabz – News

tested On  IE 6 pc Firefox PC PC works 9.x How to Use the Body section of your web page: Write your HTML code (see example bellow) the head section of your web page: define CSS for the tabs (you can use CSS from this example) include Prototype Library MyTabz include the plugin HTML < […]

Canvas Gallery with reflections

Canvas gallery with thumb reflection. Based oin Prototype and reflection.js First task was to extend Prototype and add 3 new functions: scrollLeft, scrollRight, and stopScroll. This may not seams completley necessary but it makes code a lot cleaner. Take scroll buttons for example: view plaincopy to clipboardprint? //Add event listeners on scroll buttons $(‘md’).observe(‘mouseover’,function(event){ $(‘img-holder’).scrolRight(); […]